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Fishing with family, funny but memorable moments

IMG_2186I grew up fishing with my family and some of my most memorable moments throughout the years have been on fishing holidays with them. It is precious to have a hobby like fishing that you can share with your loved ones, but when it comes to fishing… all is fair in love and war and our family is no different. Even though we enjoy fishing together we prank and cheat each other like mad people when it comes to fishing. Especially me and dad.

IMG_5220From when I was a little kid fishing in Straumar with my family which used to be one of my favorite locations, I was not allowed to fish with my spinning rod on the pool before my father had gone over it with his fly (makes sense, but to a 8 year old fishing enthusiast this was just snob and nonsense)… so that 8 year old did not listen but tried to sneak out every chance to get to the pool before dad. One time I got this beautiful trout that I loved for the family to cook on the BBQ, the only problem being I did not have a priest with me. From early on I didn’t think of problems as problems, they were more of a self-challenge I needed to solve on my own, which I did. I ran to the hut just a couple meters away and the first room I came to was the WC… and the first thing I ran into there was my mothers nice Shampoo bottle. PERFECT! That will do the trick… and so it did and we had a fantastic BBQ that evening. When my mother asked about that bloody Shampoo bottle, I had fewer answers.


Another memory was a couple summers ago in Asgardur lodge on the river Sog. It has this fantastic summer hut that is perfect for the family to share, almost too cozy and by far one of my favorites. Well – once more we were there. Dad and I made this rule that, whoever woke up first, would get the first choice of pool to start at. The best pool on this beat is called The Ladystone.
11161739_10153891088193636_8556815868788956309_oIMG_5225Knowing my father and vice versa, we both knew it was never the plan to wake each other up but to sneak out unnoticed. I had my own plans, we had a fantastic meal and evening together that night with the family group and I made sure his red wine glass was always exceptionally full… the plan being making him sleep like a king and not wake up on time. The following morning I woke up to my mother´s voice outside my room:

Shouldn’t you be up and fishing already, your father is casting like a superhero right now on the Ladystone ”!?

….. needless to say my plans did not work out as set out for. He came back still laughing of happiness and told me all the effort he put in crawling outside the door that morning not to wake me up.

IMG_5222I got my small revenge later that summer when we were fishing on the Stora Laxa and he had his favorite pool coming up but got a phone call and had to run back to the office. He asked me not to go to this fishing spot of his and leave it rested for him to come back… 2 years later and he is still asking me if I ever went to it that morning. I think I will keep the answer to myself and we keep this never-ending battle to continue for years to come.

IMG_5223I have been on the river banks since I was born and wouldn’t have it any other way, I hope you enjoy as much fishing with your family and friends and keep making memories as they are some of the few things that last a lifetime. Along are some photos through past years 🙂

All my best,

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