20. July 2016 valaarna

My day in a nutshell – Fly Fishing in Iceland

L1080919I didn’t expect to go fishing… but the rod was in the car and waders getting too dry for summer so before I knew it I was out at the river again. Happy.

As I didn’t have any plans, I didn’t have the right equipment ,which is, well.. no good. I needed a sinking tip and only had a floating line. I looked through my flies and found “a secret fly”, given to me by a good friend Valli. He gave me this fly to use for the Blanda river in the north which has deep pools, and it was still lying there waiting in the box. Fantastic, this will do! This fly was heavier than my ass weighs on Christmas evening after eating the whole holiday cookies from Santa. Perfect.

I thrusted the fly on to the pool as far as I could go, before long, there he was. A perfect 9 pounder that took the fly! The sun got out and I was way too warm and took my sweater of and kept going. As usually, I forget about time and place on the river and just kept fishing leaving my sweater behind. I went down the river and caught on to another great salmon, 12 pounder this time! L1080917He swam through the whole pool and played hard and long, man they are strong here in Iceland. It was a pretty pool with a deep he could explore while he skated over the water now and then. Just as I enjoyed the view and play it started to pour rain. Which would not be a problem except that I forgot my sweater and was standing practically naked in the river. Slight mishap on my behalf. In any case, I kept going and the salmon got himself stuck behind some stone and I thought it was gone and left me hanging with a crooked hook stuck in a stone.

Sooner than later I realized he was still there, hanging in there for me while the line was only stuck. …“only”.

I managed to let some line out and after a few gymnastic practices with the rod and line, the fish was free. Only not from me. Soon after that I steered him towards the bank and got a hold of his pretty tail. AHA!!! FINALLY!!! That moment was precious. I was standing there, far from my clothes, soaking wet and just landed a beautiful 12 pound atlantic salmon that I shortly after released back into the pool.L1080945

Beautiful day…. I got told I smelled like a fish once I got back to the car. I believe it is time for a shower now.

L1080928All my best from the fishing bonanza in Iceland. So far the fishing has been absolutely, nothing short of amazing. There are so big salmon here this season!


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