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Packing for a fishing trip in Iceland

We´ve probably all been there packing for some trip. Think you´ve got it all covered until you arrive and unpack .. almost nothing.

I made a packing list I thought I´d share if someone´s in the same bad-talent-packing wolf pack as I am. I print it out and use as a check-list for fishing in Iceland. When it comes to thermals and socks, more is merrier.

The Fishing Packing list

Fishing clothing:

Thermal underwear, thin first layer (sweater/trousers)
Thermal socks
Warm sweater, second/third layer (thicker)
Wading jacket
Primaloft jacket (I like the ones that are light and you can wear under the wading jacket when its cold)
Waders (check for a leak before first trip, otherwise they´re no delight to wear!)
Wading shoes

Normal clothing

Pair of jeans / blouse / shirt / sweater to chance for dinner/lunch.
Pair of sneakers or slippers
Normal underwear

Fishing gear

Rods / reels. Pick the right and make sure they match.
Sinking tip, if needed
Leaders, check pound limit
Flies / hooks – check the box if any flies for this river are missing or if you got it.
Scissors(good to have those with the tong on it), clippers and all those.
Rod racks
Back pack
Landing net 

And the important things you dont want to forget

Computer if needed
Chargers for the above
Good music for the ride, Spotify, CD in the car or something else.

Other stuff you tend to forget

Shampoo / conditioner
Hair stuff
Body lotion / moisturizer / facial cleaner
Toothbrush and toothpaste

(Add-ons to pack for a girls fishing trip:)

Sport bras work wonders on long fishing trips
Make-up bag
Facial cleaner wipes… long days get you tired so I clean my face after the morning shift and again in the evening. This gets the job done quick.
Lots of moisturizer, nice to a small one in the car.
Hand lotion, hands tend to get dry
Lip balm… they tend to get dry to outside all day
(take the nail-polish off before you go if you have it.. if it will still look pretty during the trip, its much like not sweating in the gym. Your just not doing it right).

Hope I didn’t forget anything, if you do – remind your fishing pals that sharing is caring!!

Salmon season´s starting in a couple of weeks in Iceland… the first salmon have been seen in the rivers… look forward greeting those again!!

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