A whole new fishing year ahead

vidgunnhildur2A year full of fishing memories has passed and I look back with a smile on my face. This past year I have travelled a lot and want to share some of my favorite memories.

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I travelled with my sister to Namibia in the beginning of the year for a couple of weeks. Although this is not my first time in Africa I must I am more and more fond of it every time I visit, this was my first visit to Namibia but definitely not the last.

I went to fishing shows in Austria, Germany and Canada which I enjoyed very much, held my first fishing speech in Canada which shook my nerves quite a bit. Read more

Mexico and the salt water fishing

IMG_1076I was lucky to visit Mexico to go fishing for the first time this November with some of the Angling iQ crew. We arrived to Cancun via New York and were picked up and taken to the Punta Allen Fishing Club directly. Punta Allen is known for being the “Permit City” of the world…. Yes, you can probably think how I decided I would pick up a permit or two on Day One. Well, aim for the sky and all that. Read more

The paradise I found in Greenland

_DSC4474Years ago I never imagined Greenland would be a destination of mine in the near future, that country that looked so huge and completely white on the map was not really on my mind but now, sometimes it is all that is on my mind.

I got on the plane with Bjork, my cousin, from Iceland and headed over to Greenland for flyfishing. As we flew over Greenland I saw the most dramatic nature I have ever seen from above, there was nothing but ice, big and small, floating and icebergs all over the place. I zipped my jacket up and got quite cold watching this and laughed that I brought mosquito spray_DSC3735, I could just as well be on the north pole! As ever before the last laugh was on myself as I landed and looked like an fully clothed Eskimo stepping from the plane in 19°c and got greeted by a mosquito on my way out!

I met with the group at the camp and Simon, a longtime friend and camp manager, as we arrived to the lodge, which looked absolutely amazing in this remote area and luxurious within walking distance from the home pool.

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The river that takes my breath away

L1000679My father had for a long time told me about this river many years ago, The Stora Laxa. I must admit I was fond of his stories of the view there and breathtaking photos but something kept me back. Weather it was that I was busy having a great time at another river catching masses or my hidden inconfidence thinking I could not fish this challenging river. I was used to heavy tackle, sinking tips and not so delicate fishing as the Stora Laxa required, it is the heaven for floating lines and the riffling hitch.

My father used to call me, dead tired and tell me he worked hard all day and finally caught this strong big salmon, I used to think; “why is he doing this, he is making it harder then it has to be”… well the salmon is big but non the less he worked all day for it and caught one while I maybe was catching 10 at another river with higher catch statistics. The happiness in his voice couldn’t have been hidden and it got my curiosity rising higher then any other emotion. Read more

From swapping trout for chocolate to chasing salmon!

I have been fishing ever since I can remember and I have been blessed meeting a lot of great people through fishing and hearing their stories. I love being around other people and hearing about their journey and with this blog I hope to bring both mine and other anglers stories to life. Not stories about who caught the biggest fish or how. But their memories, because sometimes fishing is not about the biggest fish but the journey behind it – the nature, the learning, mishaps and the people you meet along the way. For me that is fishing.

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