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First time fly fishing in Kjarra in Iceland


Summer went by like a thunderstorm and Im still absorbing the mere thought of fall, not nearly ready to say goodbye to the Icelandic fly fishing season…
Lack of fishing makes you think back and relive the memories from the trips this past summer and I cant else but look back with a big smile.

Going to a new river for the first time is always special, its like knowing Christmas is coming and you know you get a gift but you don’t know what it is. You don’t know if you will love the river, catch something or nothing… its exciting.
l1090370Much like the kid I am, I went all excited for the first time on the river Kjarra in Iceland this summer. Because of a lot of work I had to do before going the whole group was there before me and I was driving in pitch dark to find the lodge located in the mountains. If you have seen my driving skills you can pretty much imagine how the trip at midnight to find the lodge went…. Safe and sound I however arrived and looked forward to the following morning sharing a rod with dad.

l1090267The following morning we had all our devious fishing plans laid out. We started fishing not too early as the weather and river were cold and we wanted the river rested when it would reach a good fishing temperature and the fish would be eager to take. Once it warmed up a bit we headed out and started fishing, and not before long hooked our first salmon for the day. While I was fishing I enjoyed watching the stunning nature surrounding me, the sheep calmly biting grass… okey sometimes irritatingly too close to the pool I wanted to fish scaring the salmon away but… when they stood politely far enough away I quite enjoyed their company.l1090263

l1090246The Kjarra river fascinated me especially because of how many pools there were or little pockets you could explore on your own and find the salmon hiding. Go after your gut feeling that tells you “fish that place” because it somehow just looks juicy and your stomach tickles of excitement. The same gut feeling that tells you which flies to put on in the conditions you are in. I loved it. There were so many pools to fish, such a long stretch of river that it encouraged to take good care of your time, not stopping for too long at each place and moving constantly to cover more water. My favorite kind of fishing – being active, moving and exploring.

l1090283l1090277Back to Kjarra. This first half a day was probably one of the best fishing days I´ve experienced. We saw so many fish, caught good numbers, lost some fights. I was amazed at these small pockets of the river the salmon were hiding in… and the fight on my single handed Cross SX…. Priceless.

I lost one of the biggest salmon I would have ever caught on this trip, Im still replaying the moment in my mind. Ive planned a meeting with him next year, lets hope he´ll show up…

I landed a big nice salmon and wanted a photo for memories before I would release him, I held him in the water and waited for dad to get the camera. During I meant to take out his hook and get him ready for release. I didn’t only unhook the when dad came back with the camera the only trophy I had to take a photo of was myself with the hook through my hand. Those glorious moments.

This river had me at awe and the nature surrounding it was nothing less of spectacular. I cannot wait to explore further another time.

Hope you have enjoyed your summers journeys 🙂



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