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Fly fishing in Iceland – opening in Stora Laxa


Thinking about the fly fishing season in Iceland starting is always a butterfly-in stomack feeling. You crave to get out on the river, then there is nothing like going to your favorite river for the first time after a long winter.

Speculating numbers

Stora Laxa has held that place in my heart since I first fished there, somehow it just got me. The morning 30th June, we opened the first part. The group gathered in the evening before and we guessed total catch numbers for the opening. After an hour conversation and everyone enthusiastic, either angry if someone said a low number or excited if the number was high. Then we decided we each got two numbers to guess… this took 2 hours, nobody thinking this was only a game and had nothing to do with our numbers, we got so carried away!

Morning has broken

The feeling I had when I woke up in the morning was extraordinary, it was like there was something magical in the air, something I can´t properly explain without sounding too crazy.. I discussed it with my dad, whom I was sharing a rod with – strangely enough, he had the exact same feeling. We drove off, to the first pool. That pool looked a bit low of water, but there was something. My dad started casting and I thought to myself “now the fish will take”, so I started to record on my phone. What do you know, next cast after I pressed record, there he was – the first salmon of Stora Laxa beat 1&2 !

We continued, another pool. I was casting and almost finished with the pool when I see a salmon jump, I moved a few steps back, casted towards it and he came like a thunderbolt after it, biting the flies tail constantly. Again, next cast, a salmon follows and does the same. They must be running through the pool right now we thought, they were acting bonkers! Next cast – nothing as the fly skates over the pool. I decide to check the fly so I put the rod under my hand and reel in the line with my hands, there he is, that bugger!! he comes like a thunderbolt after the fly as I’m hand reeling it in, he followed my fly all the way up to a meter from me, me and dad both screaming of excitement, the salmon acting like a kindergarden kid after the fly teasing like mad.. then poufh! they went through and the pool went completely quiet.

We scratch our heads, this was so unbelievable to see the salmon chasing all the way up to me – so I could almost touch it with my hands. Up in the car we went, to the next pool.

… after the tease.

I started casting, in the second cast there he took, a beautiful silver beauty! I heard my dad calling to take my time and enjoy it, but something in me thought, there are more here, lurking in the river.. I don’t have too much time, must not disturb the water. Within a minute somehow, that fellow was on shore. He was not tired at all, understandably since it was maybe a bit of a shock for the fellow that he was chilling in his pool and a minute later there is a strange lady trying to unhook him. So the photographs of him, well… let’s say they were not “still”.

Next cast, same pool… dad’s turn, within a minute another one is on the other end… and this was a BIG one! What a magical morning. Dad looked at me, with that funny smirk on his face and said sarcastically: “this one will NOT take a minute, he is going to take it’s time”. We both laughed like trolls. Not much later another beauty was on the shore.

That morning shift 14 salmon were landed on 4 rods.


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