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Fly fishing trips in Iceland – where – cost – how


Fly fishing in Iceland for the first time makes an angler think of many questions to consider. How to fly fish in Iceland, where can I go and how much does it cost, and where to buy the permit and so on.

Iceland offers some of the best fly fishing in the world, with high catch statistics and not to mention the beautiful landscape. Most rivers are privately owned by farmers who then rent out the right to fish. So there is a low number of rods that the river can bare to keep it stable. Outfitters most often then sell fishing license to various rivers.

Where should I go to fly fish in Iceland?

It depends on what you are looking for, fishing for trout, char or salmon in Iceland and wether you want to go lake fishing or river fishing. Many rivers have self catering lodges and many offer full catering lodges, often with service of guides and transportation. The self catering rivers are most often cost less . They also give you the opportunity to decide if you want a guide full time, for part of the time or to explore on your own. The rivers have various catch statistics. Therefore it depends as well if you prefer large wide rivers for double handed rods or smaller for single handed rods. Also consider if you are looking for big salmon or high catch statics while fly fishing in Iceland.
It is both possible to have a single rod or share a rod while fishing in Iceland. Many anglers prefer to share a rod with a friend to have more company and cut down the price as well. The fishing hours are ranging from rivers from around 10-12 hours per day.
Most trips are tailor made to the anglers requests and preferences.

How much does it cost to go fishing in Iceland?

The cost of a fishing trip in Iceland can vary a LOT. Depending on rivers, service and so on. They can range from around 80eur per day for the license up to over 3.000eur, so there is a very big price gap. If the price is not in the way – I would recommend looking at what you want out of the trip. Wether it is many catches, good service and luxury or an adventure. Many rivers that are extremely beautiful and are self catering also offer to upgrade to full catering at a nearby hotel. For example the Stora Laxa river, on of my favourites.
If you want to go on a certain budget, I suggest the self catering option. Think about the river of your preference and see if you can maybe spend some time there and then also at another river that costs less. By going to more than one river you also increase your chances of catches if one river is running low that time of the season and so on. Here you can also read more on my article on fishing on a budget in Iceland.

How to go fly fishing in Iceland

First I recommend contacting an outfitter, my family, Lax-a, has been operating as a fishing outfitter in Iceland since 1987. Laxa is selling trips to both Iceland, Greenland, Scotland and many other places. I recommend specifying what you are looking for, how many persons and so on and go from there to get the best suggestions and information/prices and so on for your trip.

If you need more tips you are welcome to contact me through email or webpage for more help.

all my best, Vala


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