From swapping trout for chocolate to chasing salmon!


I have been fishing ever since I can remember and I have been blessed meeting a lot of great people through fishing and hearing their stories. I love being around other people and hearing about their journey and with this blog I hope to bring both mine and other anglers stories to life. Not stories about who caught the biggest fish or how. But their memories, because sometimes fishing is not about the biggest fish but the journey behind it – the nature, the learning, mishaps and the people you meet along the way. For me that is fishing.

My fishing story is not short despite my young age. I can thank my family for that as I was brought along to fishing trips before I could even walk. I went on trips following my father and his friends at 4 years old, holding a little worm in my hand hoping they would use it for bait. I now go fishing alongside my father and his friends, and if I´m lucky they will change my fly. For me this is precious and creates memories I am forever thankful for.

As I grew older I went exploring more on my own and at 10 years old I walked down towards our neighborhood lake and fished for trout. On my way home I stopped at a neighbor’s house that used to work at the chocolate factory in Iceland, and swapped my catches for chocolate. Then another neighbor would give me jam for fish, so I had a little business going on at the time, to my parent’s surprise why I suddenly stopped bringing any fish back home.

Over the years I was lucky to travel with my family fishing to various destinations in the world such as Costa Rica, Belize and more. We have been to Scotland every year since I was a little girl. First I started following my father there; at one point when I was 12 years old the ghillie showed me how to drive on the beat on my dad´s rental car. I think he realized he had an anxious little angler wanting to give it a try. I am thankful for my upbringing and my father never cutting me any slack when fishing just for being a girl and being able now to share his passion and fly- fish together that is truly precious.

Now I mainly focus on fly-fishing for salmon and have fished a lot of different rivers in Iceland which some of I have fallen completely in love with. I search for the big fish and most of all love challenging fishing where nothing is given. My favorite river of all is Stora Laxa river in Iceland. This river is located in beautiful canyons with breathtaking scenery, where the eye meets the gin clear water and the pools vary from lowland to being located in the middle of a canyon where you have to crawl to make sure the fish will not see you before you him. The salmon hiding down under are so strong and big they will more than reward for the hard work.

I mostly fish with a double handed fly rod but enjoy the single handed as well, especially when you hook that salmon and it feels twice the size. I can definitely live with that!!

I have a lot of favorite flies and they vary of course from rivers, one of my all-time favorites are the micro sunray and micro black Frances which both I fish a lot with on the Stora Laxa in normal water level conditions.

Coming blogs I will both share my fishing experiences, other´s stories, destinations that inspire me and the occasional “good to know” tricks I have found useful (like unhooking yourself, why is there not a whole school for that?… I would have been a prime candidate some years ago!)

The reason for I am starting this blog is that I want to participate to see more women and encourage young people fishing and spending time in nature. I am already writing articles for fishing magazines around the world in Europe and North America and would love to contribute a little more to fishing leisure reading with my blog. I hope you enjoy it.

If you have any suggestions, preferences or what you would like to hear, I would love to hear from you via the contact form. Otherwise – Tight lines and screeeaming reels!




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