Gone fishing


About me

I was born on prime time of the salmon season in Iceland in 1988, at the same time as my parents leased their first ever salmon river. The season of 1988 turned out to be a bonansa year for fishing!Β  Since then you could say I have been hooked and my parents business blossoming turning Lax-a into the biggest sporting outfitter in Iceland and Greenland and organizing trips around the globe.

My interest has developed through the years, from loosing my first salmon on a small rod bought at the next gasoline station at the age of 4.Β  Walking down to the lake below our home at the age 10 and stopping at our neighbourβ€˜s, who worked at the local chocolate factory, and swap my catches for a bite of chocolate and to challenge myself looking for salmon in tougher conditions. I fell in love with fishingΒ  a long time ago and am most fond of that it is a never ending story, you can always improve and challenge yourself further.

I have worked in the fly fishing industry for a long time at our family company Lax-a. I am a judge in Iceland on a new BBC show, Earth Wildest Waters: The Big Fish (The Big Catch). I graduated as a lawyer in the spring 2016 from University of Iceland. I write articles for various fishing magazines around the world and share my experience on fly fishing and photos on social media as well.

I hope to encourage women and the young generation to spend more time outdoors and in nature. But most of all, I love to see people happy and make them smile.