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Teach your kids fishing and how to make the trip a success


It sounds fun to go fishing with your loved ones, especially your kids, your future fishing partners in crime. Until you start thinking about what if the trip will be a total mess, kids crying and you won´t catch a thing and you wondered if the whole idea was a bad one.

You definitely need to think things through. What is your end goal? Probably just that everyone has a good time. Here are a couple of ideas I hope make the trip successful.

Kids like action

If you can, try to find your first fishing location that is likely to deliver some fish. Maybe a lake where they help the fish population, even though it would´t be your first choice.

If that isn´t an option, maybe there is a place where they have nearby some fun things to see, newborn lambs, horses or some other things they can explore in the nature. Just keep them busy, at least while you try to hook those fish for them.


who doesn´t like food. When nothing is happening, fun snack might bring some life into those little ones.


They don´t know what the fuss is about before they discover landing some of those, and apparently we all get more patience with age. If you can, make a time limit because it will help them just remembering the fun and they will want to go back. With time you can make the period longer, but if you push their limits they might remember that more and not get as excited next time.

If you can have someone with you to take them back to the house and continue, perfect! That is a win-win. You get to fish with them and have a good time and also continue fishing afterwards. If you can´t, remember you went anyway instead of not going at all.

Teach them

Teach them how to tie a knot, if they are too small, they can pick the fly and get excited and proud when the fish bite on their fly.

Yes, they might loose one or two, or three or fifty for that matter. But if you don´t let them try, they will not understand what the fun is about. And eventually they will learn how to reel them in, from their previous mistakes. Just like you did. Let them make mistakes, reward them for their victories and clap on their back for a fight lost. A fish lost is better than a fish never hooked, and for them too.

Remember just to have fun

Music and singing to special songs I relate to fishing is one of my most favourite childhood fishing memories, singing loudly in the car. I still do it, especially when Im alone in the country hill somewhere, full volume up on those sterios!

And vven though you just want to reel those fishes in (I know, you get more excited than a kid at christmas, don´t try to tell me otherwhise) and know you can catch them more quickly. Remember why you are going together. They will learn quick, probably far quicker than most adults. So remember fishing is not all about quantity but also about fun. There is nothing more satisfying than watching your kid reel in a fish by themselves, especially after biting your lip and seeing a few lost. They did it, and you will be prouder than you would ever be of yourself. That is a guarantee.

I hope it goes well. If it doesn´t you will have memories to relive later, in your old days. That is what life is all about. Have a good season, I hope you get to create as many memories as you can 🙂


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