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Salmon fishing bonanza in Iceland in Blanda river!


Where to start… I was going to Blanda beat 1 in Iceland for the salmon fishing opening 5-7th June last. The opening started at 7am but I could not be there until for the second half at 16.00. I knew how many salmon had gone up the ladder earlier so this was headed for an adventure. Even so nothing could prepare me for the news I got that morning. My father called me at 9am to tell me they had already caught 18 salmon on the first two hours on 4 rods!?!EMagnusson-4270

The next hour was kind of a blur walking around the apartment, calling every single angler on the beat, asking them to leave something behind… I was just on my way! I threw something in the bag and headed straight north towards the river. You know you are excited when you get tons of texts from friends and amongst the police asking you to remember to drive safely on the way.

EMagnusson-5062Safe and sound I landed on the riverbank few minutes before the others and got myself ready to go in. I started on the lower pool, on the north side, which is my favorite and one of the best pools I have casted for fly fishing, it practically takes care of the fly and work for you.


A huge salmon attacked my fly and took it down stream. The first salmon of the season and what a big fellow too! It was so strong and just arrived from the sea ready to attack. A +2 year beauty that was amazing to fight with. I couldn’t believe its power… at those moments you truly realize how precious life is and how fortunate you are to be out in Icelandic nature breathing the fresh air.EMagnusson-02209

EMagnusson-4967This is an amazing, big river with powerful and huge salmon. It is unbelievable to fish. It is not big with only 4 pools, but that is still plenty for only 4 rods with more then enough fish to go around. Normally we fish this river with heavier tackle to get down but this time it was different, we didn’t need it and the temperature of the river was perfect. We could even using floating lines as the fish were coming up eager to the surface. The sunray skull did the job for me mostly.EMagnusson-02071

We caught 99 salmon in 2.5 days on the Blanda opening for 4 rods only and all HUGE salmon. We were set for catching 100 salmon after the 2.5 days but had only caught 98 salmon at the time the clock stopped the fishing. While a friend there, Reynir, was walking away from the river, starting to reel in as he was walking back and dragging the line behind him. There the 99th salmon attacked his fly and stayed on until landed. This trip will be remembered and treasured forever, Im still lost for words over the fishing that time.EMagnusson-02085

All my best and hope you have something special planned this season or coming to Iceland, something spectacular and records are going down this season,

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  • Reply Marc July 4, 2020 at 22:29

    Wow, that sounds amazing!! I’d love to flyfish for salmon. It’s still on my to do list!

    • Reply Vala Arnadottir October 8, 2020 at 16:12

      I hope you get to one day very soon! Next year in Iceland maybe!

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