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Mexico and the salt water fishing


IMG_1076I was lucky to visit Mexico to go fishing for the first time this November with some of the Angling iQ crew. We arrived to Cancun via New York and were picked up and taken to the Punta Allen Fishing Club directly. Punta Allen is known for being the “Permit City” of the world…. Yes, you can probably think how I decided I would pick up a permit or two on Day One. Well, aim for the sky and all that.

What Punta Allen has to offer

Punta Allen is a charming little village of 700 people, I really loved being in a local environment while staying at our fantastic lodge. One of our great guides humored my curiosity telling me all about the little village, during the story he told me proudly with a smirk on his face, he was the tallest man there. He was the same size as myself, a full 167cm. Well… despite being the tallest man there, the whole 167 cm of the man could fish like there was no tomorrow, he had a great spirit and a BOWL of fun to fish with.IMG_2929

One of the most fascinating species to fish for there for me was the Snook, which really took me by surprise because I already set my mind for the Permit, which seem to have way less interest in me than I them but more on those teasing pretty snob later.

We started looking for Snook nearby the mangrove and as soon as we were there the guide started making this noise in the water with his stick.

“I´m all the way to Mexico and our guide decides it is his job to spook the fish before we even see it….never, have I wanted to through a man out of the boat before, like now”.

IMG_2779Before I took to extreme measurements, I decided to ask why he did that. He explained to me that normally the water level that is best to fish Snook in is lower water, when they hang out by the mangrove and you can see them more easily to target them and cast towards them. But like now we could not see clearly through the water and when the water level was higher they tended to go more inside the mangrove making it mostly impossible to see them, but when he would splash the water they tend to come out to check what is going on. They are very curious fish he told me, so this is what they do to make him come out to cast towards him. This was completely new and fascinating to me. What I also liked about the Snook is that it is very challenging casting so close to the mangrove, testing your patience and the guides a few times hooking the mangrove instead of the fish.

IMG_1081Another thing about the Snook, completely different from the fishing I know from home and other places fishing for trout, char and salmon, you should really set the hook with the Snook. That means you should set the hook by stripping the line more quicker about 2-3 times to set the hook firmly and not by raising the rod. That can take a little while to adjust to.

I met a charming elderly couple at the lodge that I loved spending time with as well and they had been coming there for a long time fishing. The wife showed me a video from one of the days where her husband hooked a Snook. He was very experienced but this time he said in the video to the guide, proudly; “Did you see how I set that hook?.. this is how you do it properly”. His wife answers him: “Don´t be so cocky just yet, it is not in the boat”…. And just as she released the words the Snook broke off and went it´s own way! I thought this was such a precious video and showed just how even experienced ones keep learning every day, and I cannot wait to experience and learn more about Salt Water fishing.IMG_2768

Mexico was such a charming place, from the nice people to the stunning nature, I felt the sky seemed bigger there from home and loved fishing in warmer climate. The wind was not so much during our time there in November so I think that is a great plus. It was nice to see how many different surroundings there were as well, from mangroves looking for Snook and Tarpon to white beach hunting for Bones.12345551_10154304214044692_7394623551227766603_n

I also want to remind those who want a chance to win the great new LOOP Cross SX series rod, to enter the game by downloading the Angling iQ app (on Google Play or App Store), follow me there (my username is: @vala) and like my most recent Tarpon photo from Mexico, we are drawing a winner this Friday. I will be in the nearest time uploading all my catches and snapshots there along with information such as flies used, catch information and more. One of the reasons I really favorite the app is the ability to record my favorite flies I use here and there to make it easier to see over the years what I use most of where and between the years how it changes, and also the fact that some things I can keep closed only for a diary for myself and others I can choose to share with friends.

More stories from Mexico to come soon.

All my best,
The tallest girl in Punta Allen, ValaIMG_2708


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