Fishing in Scotland that afternoon

L1100693Fishing in Scotland is somehow magical and, in a way, feels historical. The tough fishing can test the patience to the limits but a salmon there is worth hundreds of fish elsewhere.

It was the last evening shift on the Dee, this time the Park beat. I fished this beautiful pool called the Silverspoon where my father had lost 4 salmon the day before. I walked down this pretty little bank towards the river and the first I see before me is this beautiful tree stretching over the river. I could feel the spring in the air and hope for a salmon to bite as I look over the pool. This is probably one of the most fascinating pools I have fished, one of those pools you just know the fish likes. That feeling of drooling, literally feeling like you are drooling..while thankfully realising you are not.

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My day in a nutshell – Fly Fishing in Iceland

L1080919I didn’t expect to go fishing… but the rod was in the car and waders getting too dry for summer so before I knew it I was out at the river again. Happy.

As I didn’t have any plans, I didn’t have the right equipment ,which is, well.. no good. I needed a sinking tip and only had a floating line. I looked through my flies and found “a secret fly”, given to me by a good friend Valli. He gave me this fly to use for the Blanda river in the north which has deep pools, and it was still lying there waiting in the box. Fantastic, this will do! This fly was heavier than my ass weighs on Christmas evening after eating the whole holiday cookies from Santa. Perfect. Read more

Salmon fishing bonanza in Iceland in Blanda river!

EMagnusson-5330Where to start… I was going to Blanda beat 1 in Iceland for the salmon fishing opening 5-7th June last. The opening started at 7am but I could not be there until for the second half at 16.00. I knew how many salmon had gone up the ladder earlier so this was headed for an adventure. Even so nothing could prepare me for the news I got that morning. My father called me at 9am to tell me they had already caught 18 salmon on the first two hours on 4 rods!?! Read more