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Top 5 Fly Casting Tips


Fly casting can be a great and relaxing sport, but can quickly turn around. There are probably a few things less annoying than when you see that fish, you have everything ready – but your casts are not presenting themselves as you pictured in your mind. So, instead of enrolling on an anger management course and looking for your broken rod in the river – here are a few tips that might help.

Slow down or take a break

If you are doing long casts, try to shorten the line. Gradually make it longer again, once the casts improve. There is no point in having lots of line out if it is not delivering in the cast anyway.
If you feel you have been casting badly for a while and are already frustrated, give yourself a break. Remind yourself, this is suppose to be fun (lol). Sometimes it is better to completely stop for 10 minutes and relax. Instead of getting those wrong casts, stuck in your musclememory. IΒ΄m sure, thats a thing.
Often, if you are frustrated, you tend to move more quickly. Just relax, the fish are not moving that second anyway.

How is your backcast?

Are you waiting long enough in the backcast? If not, the cast will not be good. Try looking back and counting in the backcast and see where your line is. Ask a friend to spot you. Make sure you let the line straight out in the backcast. Watch and see, then try to feel it.

Aim for the sky

You will get a nicer presentation of your fly, when you aim a bit higher than the waterline, in your front cast. It will splash less. Try watching the mountain above, or 1-2meters above where you want to cast. It can change a great deal.

Ask for lessons on fly casting

Try to get guidance. Often it is small things you can fix that change a lot. See if you can get an hour with a guide.
Leave your ego at home, the fish do not care about it anyway. Fishing is the school you never graduate from. So, make the most of it and learn as much as you can.

Practice your fly casting

Practice, practice, practice. Even, if that sounds a bit annoying, it is true. It doesnΒ΄t matter how many tips you read, it will never improve if you donΒ΄t practice. Have fun, get down to the lake, out on the grass and enjoy nature. If the fish are not biting, try at least to focus on your casting techniques… while you curse them.

I hope that helped. If you are just starting out with casting, here is a nice video for beginners.


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