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Why fishing in Greenland is bucket-list material.


IMG_1898Currently located in Denmark and suppose to be packing bags and moving back to Iceland but with my mind located in Greenland fishing. That formula is bound to go south.
IMG_0804I regularly post photos on Instagram and have gathered some of my favorite memories from Greenland last summer. Greenland is by far the wildest place on earth for char fishing where there are thousands of rivers and lakes, full of Arctic Char. Because of the enormous territory and relatively few inhabitants in Greenland, many of these fishing areas are hardly fished at all and some rivers have not seen an angler – ever.


I have never experienced such high volume catches as in Greenland where the fishing is mostly light tackle and the size of the fish is 1-7 lbs and plenty of it.

Every day was a new adventure in Greenland as we experienced new locations with breathtaking nature. We took the boat up to different rivers passing little waterfalls, long narrow rivers with crystal clear water, icebergs and glaciers that made even the biggest person seem small.L1010020

The river mouths are often very productive when the char runs up the rivers and the lakes that are connected to the ocean, by clear rivers, provide the best fishing but the fjords are also extremely productive in the early part of the season. The char starts to gather in the fjords near the river mouths in the end of June and begin to move into the rivers in the beginning of July…… where I will gladly greet them!campur


I went last July and am going again this 12-16th July 2016 to Greenland fishing, this is the time when the biggest and freshest Searun Arctic Char is arriving to the rivers with fish running every day. There are now 4 rods left for that trip. Here is a small gallery from my last trip, photos are mostly taken by Bjork Gunnbjornsdottir.

All my best, tight lines, screeeaming reels, and if anyone is selling a machine making time until summer pass faster, and then stopping time during summer…. I´m on the lookout for that.



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