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Vala Arnadottir


Gone fishing

Fishing for me is so much more then catching the biggest fish, its being outside in nature, sharing memories and challenging myself to be better then the day before.


About me

I was born on prime time of the salmon season in Iceland in 1988, at the same time as my parents leased their first ever salmon river. The season of 1988 turned out to be a bonansa year for fishing!  Since then you could say I have been hooked and my parents business blossoming turning Lax-a into the biggest sporting outfitter in Iceland and Greenland and organizing trips around the globe.

My interest has developed through the years, from loosing my first salmon on a small rod bought at the next gasoline station at the age of 4.  Walking down to the lake below our home at the age 10 and stopping at our neighbour‘s, who worked at the local chocolate factory, and swap my catches for a bite of chocolate and to challenge myself looking for salmon in tougher conditions. I fell in love with fishing  a long time ago and am most fond of that it is a never ending story, you can always improve and challenge yourself further.

I have worked in the fly fishing industry for a long time at our family company Lax-a. I am a judge in Iceland on a new BBC show, Earth Wildest Waters: The Big Fish (The Big Catch). I graduated as a lawyer in the spring 2016 from University of Iceland. I write articles for various fishing magazines around the world and share my experience on fly fishing and photos on social media as well.

I hope to encourage women and the young generation to spend more time outdoors and in nature. But most of all, I love to see people happy and make them smile.



Fishing Trips

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 21.45.50I have been organizing fishing trips with family owned Lax-a for a long time and would be happy to help setup your dream vacation with Lax-a whether it is in Iceland or elsewhere. Lax-a is by far one of the biggest and oldest sporting outfitters in Iceland with 30 years of experience. All trips are tailor made to our anglers desires whether it is budget, service, river or species preferences. Here below you will see how fly fishing trips in Iceland are setup.
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In Iceland you have many rivers with full catering options both for salmon and trout fishing. That means you have nothing to worry about from the moment you arrive until the moment you depart the land of fire and ice. All is taken care of, everything from transportation to the rivers, to guides and full service and catering with amazing chef´s and staff. Some of the most famous Icelandic full catering rivers are East Ranga and West Ranga and those two rivers usually end up on top of the list of most salmon caught in Iceland each year,
making them a well sought after destination, both on Lax-a destinations list. Some of the best Icelandic rivers are in full catering lodges, where you have full service, high catches of salmon and often big ones depending on rivers. Some rivers are ideally located only about an hour from Reykjavik making it perfect for shorter trips or weekends with direct flights to Iceland from all over Europe, US and more.

Iceland offers many self-catering rivers for both salmon and trout fishing, which is ideal for smaller groups or those who enjoy cooking, BBQ themselves and having more privacy. Self-catering options mean that it includes a nice summerhouse that is located by the river bank and it often has a jacuzzi overlooking the river. You then often rent a car and drive around yourself and do the fishing on a do-it-yourself basis or rent a guide for a day or the whole trip as preferred. As all trips are tailor made you can also have the option of having a full-time guide with vehicle or rent a car yourself and experience Iceland first hand.

Lax-a set up the first full catering camp in Greenland in 2012 and have since been organizing trips there. So far it has been a great success with plenty of happy anglers returning. Greenland is one of the biggest adventures I have been on and is easily recommended, both for beginners and more experienced anglers. The rugged and raw but breathtaking nature is unique and a trip you will never forget. This is the place where you will see nature you have only seen in movies, fish that are so many and strong that it is unforgettable but mostly an adventure you will not forget.

Fishing can be done on all budget levels, also in Iceland. There are many ways you can cut costs in order to make your dream trip come true. Please email me your budget and I will send you back my suggestions with information for your trip to make it one step closer to reality. I’m sure it will surprise you.

I go on many trips both in Iceland and elsewhere each year and you are more than welcome to tag along. Please send me a line for more information on upcoming trips or if you want me to host your trip.

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You can also call Lax-a office: +354 5316100 and find more information on rivers: