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Italy road trip ~ Naples to Milan

This road trip in Italy was absolutely amazing. We went from Naples to Milan, of course you can also turn it around, this just suited our flights better. I like combining exploring important sights with getting the best from local advise, so you really feel the country you´re visiting. Therefore I dont prefer big groups and tourbuses I stay away from like the mosquitoes frankly. There is easily possible often to find alternatives that don´t even need to cost more. Here is our schedule in Italy, I hope it comes in handy for you:

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Fly fishing trips in Iceland – where – cost – how

Fly fishing in Iceland for the first time makes an angler think of many questions to consider. How to fly fish in Iceland, where can I go and how much does it cost, and where to buy the permit and so on.

Iceland offers some of the best fly fishing in the world, with high catch statistics and not to mention the beautiful landscape. Most rivers are privately owned by farmers who then rent out the right to fish. So there is a low number of rods that the river can bare to keep it stable. Outfitters most often then sell fishing license to various rivers.

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Teach your kids fishing and how to make the trip a success

It sounds fun to go fishing with your loved ones, especially your kids, your future fishing partners in crime. Until you start thinking about what if the trip will be a total mess, kids crying and you won´t catch a thing and you wondered if the whole idea was a bad one.

You definitely need to think things through. What is your end goal? Probably just that everyone has a good time. Here are a couple of ideas I hope make the trip successful.

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Top 5 Fly Casting Tips

Fly casting can be a great and relaxing sport, but can quickly turn around. There are probably a few things less annoying than when you see that fish, you have everything ready – but your casts are not presenting themselves as you pictured in your mind. So, instead of enrolling on an anger management course and looking for your broken rod in the river – here are a few tips that might help.

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Travel to South Africa

Travelling to South Africa should be on your bucket list. It is hard to describe the feeling unless you have been there, but it is the most breathtaking country. As soon as you land, you get fascinated and curious. For an Icelandic girl, who knows cows and sheep, maybe the occasional reindeer as the animals we see daily. Arriving in Africa makes your senses grow intensely. It is impossible to describe the feeling of driving past a lion or running alongside wildebeests. Seeing the sunset like no other you have ever seen in your life, it is like the sky is bigger.

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First time fly fishing in Kjarra in Iceland

Summer went by like a thunderstorm and Im still absorbing the mere thought of fall, not nearly ready to say goodbye to the Icelandic fly fishing season…
Lack of fishing makes you think back and relive the memories from the trips this past summer and I cant else but look back with a big smile.

Going to a new river for the first time is always special, its like knowing Christmas is coming and you know you get a gift but you don’t know what it is. You don’t know if you will love the river, catch something or nothing… its exciting. Continue Reading…

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Salmon fishing bonanza in Iceland in Blanda river!

Where to start… I was going to Blanda beat 1 in Iceland for the salmon fishing opening 5-7th June last. The opening started at 7am but I could not be there until for the second half at 16.00. I knew how many salmon had gone up the ladder earlier so this was headed for an adventure. Even so nothing could prepare me for the news I got that morning. My father called me at 9am to tell me they had already caught 18 salmon on the first two hours on 4 rods!?! Continue Reading…

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The addictive fly fishing in Scotland

There is no place like fishing in Scotland. I have been there almost every year since I was a little kid and it holds a very dear place in my heart. Now I take my 8 year old daughter who has been there every year of her life for a couple of weeks and enjoy watching her create memories.

Fishing in Scotish rivers, such as the Dee, I think is well described as historical. There is something magical about fishing the places where the Spey rods originated in the mid 1800s, and the surroundings are nothing less than spectacular. Continue Reading…

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Interview with Mariko Izumi on her fishing adventures

I hooked up with the charming Mariko Izumi on the fishing show in Edmonton Canada over the weekend and interviewed her on her fishing adventures.
Mariko is best known as the host of the World Fishing Network´s (WFN) Hookin´Up, which is a fishing show that features fishing and fun in some of the hottest locations on the planet.
Since getting into the TV fishing business in 2007, Mariko has presented a web series on the current events of the fishing industry and hosted her own series. She is also on top of all that a proud partner of F3T Canada – the Fly Fishing Film Tour.

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